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Sex Ed Workshops:

How to Drive a Vulva (aka Girl Sex 101)

Buckle Up!  Strap-on Basics

Slut and Slut-Lite: Negotiating Healthy Relationships with Disparate Sexual Self-Expressions

Pegging 101

I Was, I Am: Navigating Shifting Sexual Identities

How to Drive a Vulva (aka Girl Sex 101)

Learn how to navigate the twists and turns of female sexuality in a class designed especially for bi-curious, newly out, or shy-in-the-sack women.

In this playful, informative 2-hour workshop lead by sapphic savant, Allison Moon, you will learn all the basics, including:

• Anatomy
• Communication
• Fingers and Hands
• Cunnilingus
• Strap-ons and other toys
• Safer sex
• Plus a few super secret, lesbian-ninja techniques

You’ll come away with new confidence to please a woman no matter what your hands-on experience.

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Educator Allison Moon holds a double ended dildo and comically fans herself while teaching Strap On 101



Buckle-Up! Strap-On Basics

Wanna add another tool to your box but don’t know where to start? Love the idea but nervous about the execution?

Strap-on play, once considered taboo, is now en vogue, and, for many of us, an essential part of our sex lives. But unless you had the chutzpah to blaze your own trail or a special someone to show you the ropes, buckling up and pitching or catching can be intimidating.

Join Sapphic savant and veteran pegster, Allie Moon, for this fun, informative, and sexy introduction to the world of harnesses, dildos, lubes and moves.

In this 2-hour workshop for women, you will learn…
• The ins and outs of strap-on play
• How to choose a dildo and a harness that’s right for you
• Fun positions for giving and receiving
• How to brooch the subject of strap-ons with your partner and integrate it into your regular sex life
• and, especially… What not to do!
• Plus a few advanced tips and tricks that will leave your lovers coming back for more…

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Slut and Slut-Lite: Negotiating Healthy Relationships with Disparate Sexual Self-Expressions (Co-taught with Reid Mihalko of

There are plenty of challenges being in a relationship with someone who is far sluttier or far less sluttier than you. The slutty one wants to frolic while trying to honor the needs of the not-so-slutty one. The not-so-slutty one may have a hard time figuring out what makes them feel safe at sex-positive events or even “what to do” at such events. The not-so-slutty one may be shamed for not being “as evolved” or sex-positive, while the slutty one, having to deal with society’s judgments may be afraid of facing that same judgment at home. Sound familiar? Whereever you fall on the “slut-spectrum” you can learn from relationship blackbelts Reid Mihalko (slut) and Allison Moon (slut-lite) as they discuss how to make disparate sexual self-expressions work. In this lively workshop, filled with humor and exercises, Reid and Allison will cover the communication skill sets and damage control devices they apply in their personal relationships that allow each of them the freedom to be exuberantly self-expressed in how they like to love. It’s possible, and it may be easier than you think! Join us!

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Pegging 101

With the popularity of Bend Over Boyfriend videos and the proliferation of sex-toy stores aimed at women, the practice known as Pegging, (anal penetration of a man with a strap-on dildo – a term coined by sex-columnist Dan Savage) has become a popular fantasy for many people.

Strap-on play is no longer something solely for lesbians and dominatrices. Pegging and the play surrounding it can be a sexy, fun and adventurous way for men and women to explore new dynamics and sensations in the bedroom. Yet, without a game partner or a certain amount of experience and communication confidence, pegging can be a nerve-wracking adventure.

Butt- Allie is here to help!

Join sex and relationship educator (and veteran peg’ster) Allie Moon as she guides you through a laughter-filled and pragmatic workshop that takes you from soup to… er, nuts!

In this 2-hour, informative and humorous workshop, where you get to watch, take notes and ask questions, you will learn:

Strap-On Basics for Women
Simple techniques for fun and easy bottoming/receiving
Ways to bring up the idea of pegging without freaking out your partners!
Communication and negotiation skills that will deepen your love life…
* Safer Sex protocols and hygiene tips
* Special considerations when working with butts
* Unique and fun positions perfect for Woman-on-Man sex
* Some simple fem-dom techniques (nothing too scary, we promise!)
* And much, much more!

Show up with your questions and leave with new-found confidence and self-esteem for your relationships and sex life.

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I Was, I Am: Navigating Shifting Sexual Identities

Bisexual, Queer, Trans, Cis, Gay, Straight, Homo, Genderqueer. These days we seem to have a label for everything, even though few of us may actually feel comfortable with the labels we choose. What happens when we identify one way, but find our tastes or context shift? Do we become different people? Do we lose friends or community? Must it be this way?  Join Allison Moon as we unpack the identity politics that keep us in rigid boxes long after we’ve outgrown them. In this eye-opening and heart-warming workshop, we’ll explore how we identify throughout different stages of our lives, and how to navigate these changes with grace and kindness, both for ourselves and our communities.

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