Sex. Feminism. Lesbian Werewolves.


Lesbian Werewolves? Really? Why?

Yes, really! The easiest answer is why not? But if you want to read a more detailed reasoning, check out my guest post”The Feminine Wild” over at Night Owl Review.

Where can I find Lunatic Fringe?

You can buy Lunatic Fringe at almost any bookstore, including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and by order through many indie bookstores. The ebook is also available at Smashwords.

Who’s publishing Lunatic Fringe?

I am! After a long research & development period, I decided it would be best for my book & my career if I self-published it. If you want to see my reasoning, check out my self-publishing manifesto.

Isn’t self-publishing just an excuse for a book that couldn’t “cut it” in the traditional market?

I suppose you could see it that way.  But my book, being a lesbian paranormal romance, isn’t really cut out for the traditional market anyway. I don’t expect it to have the mass appeal of a Dean Koontz novel, and wouldn’t expect a large publisher to take such risk with me. Self-publishing, for people like me, is just a better business decision.

Are you writing a sequel?

Yes! I’m currently writing the sequel to Lunatic Fringe, called Hungry Ghost.  It will be out in 2013.

How can we bring you to our reading group or city?

Email me!  I teach workshops on creativity, writing, sexuality, and feminism and curate a literary event, so if you want me in your town, let me know. I also tour a lot, check out my calendar to see if I’ll be nearby.



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