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Truth-Telling and Permission-Giving: Sexy Stories for Revolutions

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I have an agenda. As both a sex educator and a fiction author, I walk in two worlds.  Granted there’s a decent overlap, but it’s sometimes been hard for me to figure out how to be 100% authentic without alienating fans of either of my careers. Where these two passions come to an elegant union, however, is storytelling. I don’t mean spinning a yarn though, I mean true, honest, storytelling. For most of my childhood I was either considered a weirdo or a confidante because I was gifted with very little shame.  I say gifted...

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How to Have Opinions About Art

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In my former life, I was a theater reviewer, gallerist, and curator. I continue to be a passionate advocate for artists and will always be a great lover of art. Last year, I posted a sarcastic-as-hell blog post How to Write Bad Reviews. But I realize that people might actually be interested in how to be better armchair art critics. In an effort to replace snark with substance, I’d like to offer amateur reviewers some tips for writing useful and insightful reviews of books, film, and art. Start from a Place of Love:  Roger Ebert loved...

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Queer girl visibility poll!

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I’m working on a sexy, new book project that has to remain on the DL for another couple of weeks.  In the meantime, I want to hear from you! This book will have a large cast of characters on the girlqueer-to-genderqueer spectrum and I want to know what kinds of girls you don’t think get enough representation in sexy books. Do you want to read more about FilAm fat femmes? Skinny AfroCuban butches? Deaf femme-faggots? What kinds of fabulous folks do you want to see more of?  Let me know in the comments!  In the meantime, stay...

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Allison Reads at the Cleveland Gay & Lesbian Center!

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Title: Allison Reads at the Cleveland Gay & Lesbian Center!Location: The LGBT Community Center 6600 Detroit Avenue, ClevelandLink out: Click hereDescription: I’m visiting the place where I came out AND giving a reading! This is so exciting! Come out to this FREE event on Tuesday, May 28 at the Cleveland Gay & Lesbian Center!!!!Start Time: 19:00Date:...

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WisCon – Madison, Wisconsin

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Title: WisCon – Madison, WisconsinLocation: Madison, WisconsinLink out: Click hereDescription: I’ll be at WisCon for a hot minute on Friday, May 24th! Come by the Broad Universe booth to buy my books and say hello! I leave on Saturday, so be sure to find me on Friday if you want to buy any merch or get a book signed. Date: 2013-05-24

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Dating & Self-Publishing

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My partner is a rather well-known sex-educator. He tends to attract straight, single women looking for partnership to his workshops. Sometimes, when I’m introduced as his partner, these fans will pile-on with questions about how I found such a great catch.  I used to hate this line of questioning, because it implied there was some sort of game or magic formula. As if by reading the right combination of Cosmo articles, wearing the right clothes, and behaving in a certain way, I found a great partner. For a while, I didn’t know how...

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How to Deal with Bad Reviews

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Now that Hungry Ghost has been out in the world for two weeks, the very first of the reviews are starting to dribble in. I figure this is a great time to remind myself, and you, of the ways I deal with bad reviews.   Take a deep breath. Know that a bad review will likely trigger an emotional response.  It sucks the first couple of times, but you get used to it. Let the flood of stress hormones happen. Keep breathing. Then practice some self-care.   Know this is all optional. Lots of authors don’t read reviews. You can add your...

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LIT! Durham : queer.writers.drinking

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Title: LIT! Durham : queer.writers.drinkingLocation: The Pinhook – 117 West Main Street, Durham, North Carolina 27701Link out: Click hereDescription: LIT! is an evening of queer writers giving you their best fiction, poetry, and embarrassing life stories, while most of us have a drink in the name of art. Hosted by Allison Moon. Featuring readings by Alysia Angel, Tanya Olson, CJ Suitt, and more! Show starts at 7pm Books and merch will be on sale. ** This event is open to all 21+ folks: drinkers, non-drinkers, queers, non-queers, writers,...

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I’m reading at Stories LA TONIGHT (Monday). Come out, buy a book, kick it with some cool lit geeks, and support indie bookstores.  Everyone wins!   STORIES 1716 West Sunset Blvd • Los Angeles    7:30pm Details  

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Hungry Ghost Super Soon Tour Dates!

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I’m on the road starting this weekend!  Find me and my books at: Monday, April 15 – Los Angeles (Echo Park) – Stories Thursday, April 18 – Atlanta,  Charis Books [reading] Friday, April 19 – Atlanta, Charis Books [workshop] April ?? – Durham, NC (stay tuned!) May 23 – Cleveland – Gay & Lesbian Center May ?? – Chicago May ?? – Minneapolis Sorry for all the ??????!!!!  Details are coming, I just need to get things solid. IN THE MEANTIME, come out to these events! ...

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