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Comment Policy

Comment Policy:

The #1 rule for comments is “Be Kind.”

My goal is to foster a welcoming environment for good conversation free of hate speech, personal vendettas, sweeping statements about large groups of people, racism, homophobia, misogyny, and generally malcontent speech. Conversation should be constructive, informative, entertaining, or all of the above.

All first time commenters will be held for moderation, after which your comments will appear immediately.  Please use a real email address when commenting so that I can contact you if necessary.  I will not automatically add you to any newsletter or share your email with anyone, ever.

Finally, this is my house.  I reserve the right to delete any comment if it violates my policies or offends me.  If this bothers you, feel free to create your own blog.  This one isn’t a democracy.
Here are a couple other points, taken from BoingBoing’s always thoughtful comments policy:
• Offensive, inappropriate, or just plain annoying comments may be deleted or disemvoweled.
• Spam earns an instant ban.  If you have a history of junk comments, plus promotional copy in your profile, you may be considered a spammer.
• Astroturfers will be banned.  Cut-and-paste or nearly verbatim talking points are considered astroturf.
• Sock puppets (alias accounts created by previously banned commenters for the purpose of avoiding a ban) will be banned.
• If the bulk of your comments are whining, hostile, insulting or otherwise annoying, you may be banned.
• Please don’t personally insult, bully, threaten, or harass the writers or your fellow commenters.
• Please don’t make off-topic comments about political candidates or parties for the purpose of arguing. If a political party or candidate is the subject of the post or is closely related, it’s okay to discuss political parties or candidates. But don’t do so simply to troll.
• Don’t suggest that the victim “had it coming” in a civil liberties/human rights thread unless you have some evidence to support your claim.
• Please don’t drag topics from one post to another. The content of a post is the responsibility of that author, nobody else.
• Please don’t “hijack” comment threads to controversial topics.
• Please bring meta-commentary, technical problems, etc. to this thread.
• Mislabeled or unidentified links (urls pasted without description) will be redacted.
• Links to offensive material such as hate speech, etc. websites, images or videos are not okay, unless directly applicable to the topic at hand.
• Unwelcome links will be redacted.
• I welcome alerts about typos, incorrect names, factual errors, and the like.
• Factual errors will be corrected if verifiable documentation is available. The correction is at the discretion of the post editor and may not happen immediately.
• Requests for credit or attribution may be honored if verifiable documentation is submitted. This modification is at the discretion of the author/editor of the post and may not happen immediately.
I reserve the right to unpublish or refuse to unpublish anything for any or no reason at any time.

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