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Truth-Telling and Permission-Giving: Sexy Stories for Revolutions

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I have an agenda.

As both a sex educator and a fiction author, I walk in two worlds.  Granted there’s a decent overlap, but it’s sometimes been hard for me to figure out how to be 100% authentic without alienating fans of either of my careers.

Where these two passions come to an elegant union, however, is storytelling. I don’t mean spinning a yarn though, I mean true, honest, storytelling.

For most of my childhood I was either considered a weirdo or a confidante because I was gifted with very little shame.  I say gifted because my parents raised me to love and respect myself, I was born into a culture that didn’t revile or resent my presence or my body (blond, white girls have that going for us, though there are certainly ways in which our bodies are mistreated) and I just had some innate sense of joy and curiosity about sexuality from as far back as I can remember. This combination allowed me to be the one my peers– and sometimes elders– went to for sex advice or information. It wasn’t until I was an adult navigating the real world that I realized what a supreme gift this was. That my ease with information wasn’t just about explaining the parts of anatomy. Rather it was about offering permission: permission to feel pleasure, to seek out sex, to have frank conversations, to not know certain things, to be curious to try taboo things, to just give a certain credence to this huge, benighted part of the human experience.

In my sex ed workshops, I offer information, but a huge part of what I do is letting folks know they’re “normal” for wanting certain sensation, connection, or communication. My agenda has changed from just offering advice or information, to offering permission. After all, in this noble Google Age, information is cheap, good information is slightly more pricey, but permission to seek, find, and utilize that information? Priceless.

In my storytelling I strive to offer this permission, but I add a layer of personal transparency.  I’ve been honored to tell on the stage of Bawdy Storytelling many times. The experience was liberating for me from the beginning, but it became a blessing when I realized how many people are touched by this incredible show.  More than just a storytelling event, Bawdy Storytelling is an opportunity for people to share true sex stories from their lives. And in the telling, audience members learn that they themselves are not weird, are not wrong, are not bad people. We undo a little bit of the shame that has cordoned us off from ourselves. This is permission-giving on a large (often very fun) scale.

The new release from Cleis Press, Wild Girls, Wild Nights, seeks to do the same. It collects true stories of lesbian sex in a sexy, smart anthology.  And, since it’s a book, it allows people to engage with the stories from the privacy of their own homes.

The book is smart, hot, and sometimes very silly. If it should come as a surprise, my story is one of the silly ones. The event told in the story, Foxy and the Ridiculous Lesbian Orgy, came from one of the Bawdy Storytelling calls for stories.  I knew I wanted to tell, but didn’t have anything to talk about. So I took matters into my own hands. . .

Check out the excerpt below, or head on over to Amazon and get your own copy right now!

Foxy and the Ridiculous Lesbian Orgy

by Allison Moon

from Wild Girls, Wild Nights

Whoever finds the fox, gets to fuck the fox.  These are the words written on the dry erase board of my living room. There are twenty-five half-naked women in my apartment, it is almost two a.m., and the fox hunt is about to begin.

But I’m getting ahead of myself.

When a friend needed an extra “girl on girl” story for her live storytelling event, I volunteered immediately. I’d been fucking girls long enough, so I knew there had to be a story in my past somewhere.  But a week later, I was wracking my brain for a good story and coming up empty.  Well, there was that time when we ran into Baptists while skinny dipping, but it wasn’t very sexy.  Then there was that epic Scrabble game, but no. I did remember a great story involving my ex and a gnarly yeast infection, but if I told that story on stage I would never get laid again.

I think the problem I was having is that cock is always funny, all the time, but I take pussy very, very seriously.

I had no story to tell, but the fliers had gone out, and time was short. I had no choice.  For the sake of science– nay, for the sake of art, I had to take matters into my own hands. I had to throw a Ridiculous Lesbian Orgy.

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