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Goodbye Kickstarter: I Don’t Support Orgs That Support Rapists

Posted on Jun 20, 2013 in Blog, Feminism, Gender | 0 comments

As you may have heard today, Kickstarter has decided to honor the funding of a “How to Sexually Assault Women” book, despite the fact that the project is a clear violation of Kickstarter’s own Terms of Service, which prohibits the submission of content that is:

“unlawful, threatening, abusive, harassing, defamatory, libelous, deceptive, fraudulent,
tortious, obscene, offensive, profane, or invasive of another’s privacy”

It’s disappointing for many reasons, not least of which is indie artists (like myself) have used and trusted Kickstarter to fund their dreams.

I funded the production of Hungry Ghost through Kickstarter. I loved their platform, the ease of use, and the community they built.

And because of their silence and complacency, I’ll never give them another dime.

Obviously, they make money on each project, taking a percentage of the money raised.  The fact that this book exceeded its $2K goal to reach $16K, means Kickstarter’s cut is that much greater.

Of course, I wish to continue financially supporting indie artists, and I’ll likely do so via independent donations and through competing crowd funding sites. It’s disappointing to see such a beloved and useful program sink so low. I can only hope they’ll have a serious mea culpa and make right by denying the funds and issuing an apology.
In the meantime, I am working on a very exciting new collaborative book project that I’m intending to crowdfund. I’m looking into IndieGogo, GoFundMe, and some other Kickstarter competitors.  If you have any opinions on this, please let me know.  I’ll release more details about the project later this summer.

I believe in the power of the crowd to both support one another and condemn abhorrence. I hope Kickstarter realizes its mistake and apologizes. I would like to seem them more carefully review the projects proposed and, most importantly, stick to their Terms of Service, which are supposed to be in place to keep this very thing from happening.  Until then, Goodby Kickstarter. I’ll be taking my money & creativity elsewhere and encouraging all artists and enginners with ethics and souls to do the same.




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