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FINAL Hungry Ghost Cover!

Posted on Feb 17, 2013 in Blog, News, Writing | 2 comments

Thanks to your feedback and the tireless efforts of JP the Wonder Designer, we have a FINAL cover for Hungry Ghost, Tales of the Pack #2!


Hungry Ghost, Tales of the Pack Book sequel cover, lesbian werewolves

Thanks for your feedback!

Stay tuned for book release party info, and in the meantime why not head over to the store and preorder your very own copy!



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  1. jp

    Are you dead set on “book 2”? not part two? or “tales of the pack: hungry ghost” or “hungry ghost: tales of the pack” its always harry potter and the something or the twilight saga: something. Rarely is it called “Book 2” explicitly in a sequel. Plus it doesn’t cross other media, even an audio book or ebook let alone a movie or something. Tale Two? I dunno…

  2. Rachel

    Love the change with the ominous wolf looking out of the cover. I think the tension between the woman and the wolf is very evocative of the tension in the novel.

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