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Hungry Ghost Now Available for Pre-Order!

Posted on Sep 28, 2012 in Blog, News, Publishing, Writing | Comments Off on Hungry Ghost Now Available for Pre-Order!

I sent a draft of Hungry Ghost (the Lunatic Fringe sequel) off to my Beta Readers last night and feel soooooo good. Today, to support the artists I’m hiring to design my cover and edit the book, I launched a Kickstarter campaign.  By backing my Kickstarter you can pre-order a copy of Hungry Ghost to be delivered to you in Spring of 2013.  You can also get more cool merch, VIP tickets to the release party and even private coaching sessions from me.  Plus, you’ll have the honor of supporting indie artists as we create work together outside of the traditional publishing models.  All good things, yes?

You can view the video and order your book and merch here.

And please, spread the word! I have 45 days to raise $4500. And, as with all Kickstarters, if I don’t hit my goal, I don’t get a cent! So help me and two other awesome artists turn Hungry Ghost from a manuscript into a real, live book!


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