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Toy Review Tuesday! Wet for Her “Two” [VIDEO]

Posted on Mar 20, 2012 in Blog, LGBTQ, Sexuality, Video | Comments Off on Toy Review Tuesday! Wet for Her “Two” [VIDEO]

Welcome to a new (limited) feature!  Toy Review Tuesday!!! 

A few weeks back sex geeks, led by the illustrious Reid Mihalko of decided to put our toy collections and heads together and review the sex toys we’ve been meaning to get to for a while.  I did four video reviews of some great adult toys and will be posting a different video each week.  Today, Reid and I review the Wet for Her “Two”, a penetrative toy specifically designed for lesbians. The review is visually safe for work, by the way, but we talk about sex and sexuality in very frank language. So if you don’t want to hear me and Reid talk candidly about our sex lives, you may want to skip this one.


Toy Review Tuesday: Wet for Her “Two” from Allison Moon.


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