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Queer Love Poetry Day #8: two little ghosts by Indigo

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two little ghosts

you say
you’ll love me
until they throw
dirt on my face

that after you’re gone
your ghost will go on loving me

sneak up behind me in the kitchen
spook the cats
yell “boo” at my mis-matched outfits

I laugh
but I can’t see myself without you

I only see us at 90
with bags on both shoulders
tugging on the collars of our elderly cats
cackling like school girls

I only see us
two little ghosts
thumb wrestling in the dark
“ghost fucking” on our second honeymoon
scaring life into the living;
still shaking bones with our laughter

you say
there aren’t enough words
to say ‘I love you’

but if you plan
to love me into ghost-hood
there’s no need for more words


Indigo is a sex blogger, educator and smut writer. She is the creator of Indigo’s Theory (, a blog about her experiences as a poly queer black women navigating the BSDM/Kink Community in New York City and beyond. Indigo also writes a column called “Indigo’s Poly Beginnings” for Fearless Press, an online magazine about the intersection of life and sex. Her column focuses on the development of her polyamorous relationship with a partner Sara Vibes – International Ms Leather 2011, as well as her experience in the leather women’s community. Alongside her partner, she has taught workshops on sexuality and BDSM practices at Dark Odyssey: Fusion, International Mr. Leather 2011 and the LGBT Center in New York City and is a faculty member for Kink Academy, an online education resource for the BDSM community. Indigo’s erotic writing has been featured in Salacious Magazine Issue #2 and she is a contributor to “The Perverts of Color Anthology” to be published in 2012.


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