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Queer Love Poems Day #7: sweet boy by sossity chiricuzio

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sweet boy

rolling together
tangled in kissing
and a teenage feeling
between the sighs
nerve endings alight
like those first brushes
with lust
and possibility
just this side
of gambling
on vulnerable
feeling the
electric tingle
that fills the air
like ozone
when role play
lays in reach
so easy to
slip into character
with you

the gift you give
not just the rush
of pleasure
outlining every move
of you
against me
but how your
teenage boy
gives me back
my flesh
with the game of
can i please?
every time you ask
you erase
shame soaked
of the ones
who never did
never cared
who grabbed
and gobbled
like i was fast food
wolfing me down
no thought for my flavors
or pleasure
in the meal
leaving me
the empty hole
that was all they saw.

you, sweet boy
convince me
soften me
wait and wait
for the yes
until i am soaked
by sincerity
and sweetness
falling into your hands
like ripe fruit
held in your mouth
like ambrosia
and your eyes
reflect beauty
gazing at me
for my yes
not begging
but softly pleading
for what desire
and your tender heart
open handed

copyright 2011 sossity o chiricuzio
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