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Queer Love Poem Day #3: porch kitty & this too by Alysia Angel

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porch kitty

so you brought another
sleek furred king
tail longer than my forearm
i held my hand over my mouth
danced a jig in the parlor
squeaked in horror
my fine hero
scooped his lifeless body up
but not his entrails
like tiny pink
garden hoses
coiled wetly
on our doorstep
you watched on
crooked smirk
steeple teeth
scarred over lamplight eye
one chewed off ear
and fur
like grey mists
you look so sweet
when you roll onto your side
vulnerable fat belly
alarm meow


this too
you said
“if i was a zombie i would definitely want to eat you”
with my foot held gently in your hand
and then
“you’d taste like a little perfectly ripe peach”
i squealed into the darkness with pleasure
no no no no
the memory of the screaming children
holding onto their final moments of freedom
the sun’s fingers losing grip on the day
your sweet head on my breast
and air so soft around us
it never looked like this
in the wild


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