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Queer Love Poems Day #4: Kite String and Keys by Blythe Baldwin

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Kite String and Keys

Words by Blythe Baldwin


The friction of your kiss is enough to leave me wanting

to discard the impulse to hide under umbrella.

Crack and splinter- I can hear it whimpering in the wind.

There is always something held back between tight lips.

The barometer’s lowering levels

can manifest the illusion of pressure that bears down on us like a sieve

leaving marks where the body refused to yield graciously.

This has been our history.

Come gather around me-

We have already left enough bruises and broken flesh

in our path.

I do not fear the storm clouds you become

on darkened days.

I want to make you

see the love I bear in shallow veins.

Concentric like the rings of a tree,

I have withstood fire

and drought for your arrival.

Take this

watery gift it is thicker than the tightly coiled heartbeats we

hold ourselves down with.

Take this

kite string and keys

I have left out in the open for you

the tease of metal and twine.

You already know

the way I look sans lightening rod

and armor

why hover with the pinprick crackle

of your caress so close to my flesh?

Take this

all electro-static skin and gooseflesh

all saline sweat, sigh, and stifled moan.

I want you to ask me

to show you how I make love.

For you

it is no secret

born of tight lips

that you move me.

A willow tree caught in a thunderstorm.

Wind whipped and begging for the clap

of thunder in your eyes.

A tear for every raindrop ill-spent

a thunderbolt singing in your palms.

Loom and strike twice

leave me all spiral split open

and wilted

after you’ve come.


Blythe Baldwin is a darling of the San Francisco poetry scene. Find more here:


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