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Queer Love Poems Day #2: Two Poems by Blaine Marchand

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The Pale Object of Desire

Sleep weights the body,
a wedge, like the Rift Valley wall,
between sheets and cover.
At the darkest point,
a moon floats above the rim.
Sometimes ridged fingers
of an inclined hand.
Sometimes the pale plain
between rise of hip bones.
Sometimes hair drifting
across a face.

Deep within the body
desire is an ancient land
nomads wander through
and never fully possess;
is a water catchment
drawn to the surface
of the parched savannah.

The tropic sun
slides under the eyelids,
But traces remain,
imbued with moisture:
morning light bristling
the canopies of acacia,
softening the leafless baobabs
like hairs on the folds
of far off hills,
the down matted
at the torso’s divide.

Mbeya, Tanzania


You take down a tomato

It sits in your hands,
still warm from the atrium
of southfacing window,
heaps both of your palms
with the colour of setting sun
at summer’s height.
Curved, abundant flesh
taken from your chest,
held out to me.

I offer you this
a poem, a knife
to unleash the swell,
a wedge of crimson ardour,
the yield beneath
its circumference of skin

the condiment of seeds
for our mouth
pungent and savoured.


Poems from Blaine’s book The Craving of Knives available on the onilne or through Buschek Books


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