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Posts made in December, 2011

Last Night an Ebook Saved My Life

Posted on Dec 28, 2011 in Blog, Literature, Publishing, Writing | Comments Off on Last Night an Ebook Saved My Life

I’m a convert.  I suspected I would be.  I was ardently anti-ebook for a while- not for others, only for myself. I couldn’t imagine reading a book without the smell, the feel, the design. In creating my own book, I became even more entrenched in the importance of design aspects of books.  The font, chapter layout, page scheme- these things matter. I knew I’d have to get my own ereader soon, however.  I was, after all, invested in making my books available as ebooks and saw how ebooks...

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2011 in Review

Posted on Dec 26, 2011 in Blog, Events, News, Publishing, Writing | 2 comments

It’s been quite a busy end of the year, and I realize my blogging has dropped off sharply.  I apologize for being less than reliable with my updates, and hope you understand that it’s 100% due to my book launch, subsequent marketing push and headlong drive into writing the sequel, and not that I love blogging, or you, any less. This year has obviously been a Pretty Big Deal in the timeline of my life. I turned 30. I became unemployed.  And, oh yeah, I may have published my first...

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Where the Money Goes

Posted on Dec 13, 2011 in Blog, Literature, Publishing, Writing | 6 comments

Before I became an independent artist, I believed convenience was king.  I loved shopping on Amazon and hated having to do “special orders” through bookstores.  I still do love the convenience of finding pretty much anything I need on Amazon and being able to shop naked at 3am. However, now that I’m a full-blown indie author, my priorities have shifted.  I’ve had the opportunity to talk with booksellers from across the country and get to know the book business from...

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90 Days of Self Publishing: The End!!!

Posted on Dec 6, 2011 in 90 Days of Self Publishing, Blog, Publishing, Writing | Comments Off on 90 Days of Self Publishing: The End!!!

Today I wrap up 90 Days of Self Publishing and talk about plans for the future.

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Self-Publishing 101 – Virtual Class

Posted on Dec 3, 2011 in Blog, News, Publishing, Writing | 1 comment

At long last, my well-loved Self-Pubishing 101 class is now available as a instant download virtual class.  The class is roughly 90 minutes and contains a powerpoint and audio that will walk you through the basics of self-publishing. You’ll learn: * How to figure out if self-publishing is the right step for you and your book. * The difference between vanity publishing services and creating your own press. * The bare-bone, essential steps you need to take for your book to live. * Where to...

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