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5 Slightly Drunken Writing Tips

Posted on Nov 14, 2011 in Blog, Writing | Comments Off on 5 Slightly Drunken Writing Tips

1) Write truly terrible and heartfelt love poems for the sole purpose of destroying them.

2) Compose impovisational, verbal screeds in an unfamiliar genre. For example, write a slam poem if you’re a sword & sorcery type.  Or noir if you like exploring race and gender in first person confessional style. Do this while driving alone, if at all possible.  And don’t you dare record it.  Accept that it will be lost when you turn off the ignition, and be grateful for that fact.

3) Read aloud in the punctuated style of great poets, even if it’s the back of a shampoo bottle when sitting on the toilet.

4) Read when sitting on the toilet.

5) Confront your demons with unfounded arrogance.



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