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World Fantasy Con + LA Appearance

Posted on Oct 31, 2011 in Blog, Literature, Publishing, Writing | Comments Off on World Fantasy Con + LA Appearance

World Fantasy Con has come and gone. This year marked my foray into the world of the “Con” as in “conference” “convention” and, more literally though less referenced, “convergence.”

My cherry was popped with FOG Con in San Francisco, then straight on to the extraordinary experience of WisCon. The summer was consumed with working on my book, so I skipped straight on to World Fantasy Con this weekend in San Diego. This Con experience was far different for me than WisCon. At WisCon, I stayed on the main floor of the hotel, so there was a constant bustle, music, conversation, all-nighters and sometimes pure bedlam.  Here in San Diego, I stayed off-site, so my experience was far more sedate.  I didn’t socialize much, I wasn’t on any panels, and I was a volunteer, so I had specific duties. Paying for parking by the hour meant I didn’t dawdle around by the pool (mistake), or hang out too late at parties.

I did enjoy having a quiet, beautiful house to come home to, instead of a crowded hotel room. But it did dampen my immersive experience.  After all, I think many of the worthwhile conversations happen when you’re just wandering about without expectations.


* Neil Gaiman taking my picture. Silly, but true. That fact that I exist in his cell phone tickles me to no end.

* Neil Gaiman in conversation with Connie Willis. It’s rare to witness casual and easy conversations between mega-stars, particularly when throngs of fan-girls/boys are running around. Listening to them genuinely enjoy a conversation that just happened to be watched by 200 folks was terrific.

* Meeting folks from NightShade books (hip San Fran based publishers of some straight-up fantastic books)

* Flipping through the wackadoo books of Eraserhead Press.

* Hanging with my fabulous editor, Alyc Helms, at the ChiZine party.

* Talking shop with a bunch of raddies.

Thanks for a great Con, everyone!  See you next year in Toronto!

Don’t forget, I’ll be back in San Diego at Mysterious Galaxy on Thursday night for a reading.  Come out!

AND – I’ll be at Akbar in Los Angeles on Wednesday night for CRAFTNIGHT! Come out, get a cocktail, make a craft and listen to some lesbian werewolf fiction.





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