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Lunatic Fringe: Tastes Great, More Boozy

Posted on Sep 28, 2011 in Blog, Publishing | Comments Off on Lunatic Fringe: Tastes Great, More Boozy

Over at the always terrific GOOD Magazine, the Mixology Mailbag has a very special recipe today.


We’ll start with a couple of ingredients that seem symbolically appropriate and let flavor dictate the rest. After all, we’re here to make a palatable Lunatic Fringe Cocktail, not a list of substances likely to appear in the pages of Lunatic Fringe itself.

I gleaned the bulk of my werewolf knowledge from True Blood, so I apologize for my limitations in that area (unless your book is long-form Jessica Hamby fan-fiction, in which case I will take two copies, thanks). But I understand that werewolves are shapeshifters, neither fully animal nor human, whose dual identity keeps them trapped between the natural and supernatural worlds. What base spirit echos this between-worldsness-for-which-Germans-and-doctoral-candidates-in-literary-theory-surely-have-a-single-word-but-I-do-not? St. George’s wonderful new Dry Rye gin should do the trick: The Dry Rye’s malty, woody undertones keep it trapped squarely between the worlds of gin and whiskey.

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Author and spirit-savant Ken Walczak comes up with not one but two versions of the Lunatic Fringe cocktail.  I’m partial to the “Full Moon” version, but what else would you expect?

I suggest whipping up a batch and kicking back with a copy of Lunatic Fringe, now available from Amazon, Barnes & Noble and your favorite indie book shop.

Thanks GOOD Magazine and Mixology Mailbag!  Awoooo!


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