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Allie Moon’s Life Update

Posted on Sep 6, 2011 in Blog, Publishing, Writing | Comments Off on Allie Moon’s Life Update

I have been a busy little werewolf.

I sent Lunatic Fringe to the printer, and now I’m waiting like a kid on December 12th, wondering just…. when… Santa’s… gonna…. show. (And pray he doesn’t bring typo-coal for my stocking).

I still haven’t processed my terrific time at the Lambda Retreat.  But in good time, I promise.

I’m working like a crazy person to get promotions together for my book release party on September 29th.  (You’re coming, right? RIGHT?!)

I’m trying to catch up on my 90 Days of Self Publishing vlog project.

And I’m doing all that other stuff that these mystical creatures called “Marketers” and “Publicists” used to do, once upon a time in a big city called New York where books had teams (teams!) of people to help nurture them and love them and bring them into the world.  So, I’m booking live appearances, working on getting some sponsorships, and putting together press kits and press releases and press junkets and Lee’s press on nails.  Okay, not the last one.

This is the entrepreneur deal that I really dig, if only I’d get paid more for it.  So far presales have been steady and wonderful and I’m eager to see how things go once I’ve got some reviews online and my book’s easily and immediately available via Amazon, Powells, B&N, and whereever else fine books are sold.

Oh, and sitting in the bathtub the other night, I started seriously brainstorming the sequel to Lunatic Fringe.  But of course, I didn’t have my notebook, because I’ve been so deep in Marketing-landia, that I somehow forgot I’m an author, and if I have 10 damn minutes of quiet time, I’m gonna auth.  I’m gonna auth hard.  So, alas, some great ideas for the sequel are lost to the ether.  But I’m sure I’ll get another bug up my butt soon.

Oh yeah, and I’m still working at my day jobs.

So, if you’re finding yourself waiting for a reply email from me, or a birthday card or something, feel free to send a little “hey Allison, you’re a jerk” email my way, and I promise I’ll get my act together.







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