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90 Days of Self Publishing – Day 61: Bad News Bears

Posted on Sep 17, 2011 in 90 Days of Self Publishing, Publishing, Video | 3 comments

I get some seriously shitty news about my print order.



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  1. Luc

    Very courageous sharing. What is the lesson learned from that setback?

  2. Sophie

    What if you took sales at the event anyway and then gave these people something nobody else has, like an unpublished chapter, etc…. All is well!



  3. Allison

    Good question! I learned a lot of things like: 1) Schedule even more time than you think you need. 2) It’s not the end of the world and 3) Don’t trust a website when you can talk to a person.
    But, the thing that was most painful about the situation, Luc, was that I was unsure of everything, but I allowed it to sit for three days before I followed up with my customer rep. I did this, frankly, because I felt I had deluged her with questions the prior week. She was always super sweet and accomodating, but I’m a nice Midwestern girl who tries not to be a bother. I was ashamed of needing so much help, that I waited through 3 days of uncertainty before I finally sent a “What’s up with this?” email.
    In retrospect, I should’ve just called her up right away and said, WTF?! But I didn’t.
    Happily, the situation seems to be resolved and my books will arrive early, but it was a very educational experience, to be sure.

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