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Princess Boys, Queerness, & SF Erotica at WisCon

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I’m so excited for my first WisCon, I can barely stand it.

Moreover, I got assigned some KILLER panels.   I’m moderating two AMAZING panels:

Princess Boys: Is Male Femininity the Last Wave of Feminism? Sat, 10:00–11:15 am

Little girls have been wearing jeans and playing with trucks for decades, but when a little boy wants to play with “girl stuff” it makes the news. In what ways is male femininity a feminist issue? What factors explain why boys and men so far behind their sisters in living outside gender stereotypes? Are women affected by (and guilty of) the “scapegoating of femininity” as described in Julia Serano’s book, Whipping Girl? How can we support expanded expressions of gender expression?

This panel is blowing my mind with its awesomeness.  I’m a big proponent of supporting a feminist vision for men and masculine-identities.  I have a lot of sympathy for boys who are held to a stricter standard of gender norms.  Homophobia and misogyny come from the very same place (a fear of the power of the feminine and a exaltation of male normative ideals), so I’m excited to chat with folks about how women-identified feminists can take feminism to the next level of true gender equality.
And then I’m moderating:

What is Queerness? Sun, 10:00–11:15 am
What do we mean when we say we’re lesbian, gay, bi, queer, or any of the other terms we might use? How do we define these terms? What do they mean to us? What history do we have with them? What about those of us who don’t choose label ourselves? A lot of people at WisCon identify with one or more of these terms, but different generations and different groups construct their identities differently. Let’s start talking about it.

Because no one has any other plans on Sunday.  I jest!  This is an insanely awesome topic to broach, with a group of insanely smart people.  It’ll TOTALLY make waking up early on a Sunday worth it.

And then I get to sit on TWO MORE awesome panels:

Romance and SFF Fri, 4:00–5:15 pm

Paranormal romance fiction continues to be in hot demand. We’ve even edged into zombie-human romances. But let’s take a deeper look. What are the perceptions and the receptivity of the SFF community to romantic or erotic subplots? How do writers successfully tap into and engage the various markets?


Paranormal/Sci-fi Erotica: More Room for Feminist and Anti-Racist Discourse? Fri, 10:30–11:45 pm

Erotic fiction, like feminist SF/F, exists on the margins of the publishing and literary world. There’s stigma attached to it. There are folks who don’t see it as “real” writing and don’t take it seriously. While this can be frustrating, it may also actually allow for a greater amount of freedom for writers and authors. Does erotic fiction allow more room for feminist, LGBTQ, and anti-racist discourse? Is there more leeway to explore and stretch boundaries within a genre that hasn’t been so clearly defined? Let’s talk about feminist, anti-racist, anti-ablist, anti-ageist SF and paranormal erotica and the possibilities for creating and re-imagining new definitions of sexuality within it.

YEEEESSSSSSSS!!!  Erotica as a means of anti-racist, anti-ablist, anti-ageist activism? FUCK. YES.

With a lineup this good, I might not have any TIME to get laid.  (Just kidding, yes I will.*)  So, I’m excited to be a busy bee this Con.

See you at the end of May!

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