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Monday Morning Excerpt

Posted on Apr 25, 2011 in Writing | Comments Off on Monday Morning Excerpt

Since I’m post-less today, thanks to a very fun and busy weekend, I decided to post a random page from the Inner Moonlight manuscript. This part comes very late in the book, right before the climax.


Inner Moonlight

page 325

Without knowing why, Lexie began to inhale and exhale rapidly, raising her heart rate, and getting a little high on his scent and the fetid melange of the space. She took as much of him into her as she could, letting the chemistry of his body answer the riddle of the murders. His wolf-face steadied and she looked into his eyes, seeing his fear though he tried to hide it all. Lexie stood and sheathed the knife. His face became a boy’s once again.

“The hell?” Corwin said. “He killed those boys.”

“No, he didn’t.”

“He’s a werewolf!” Sharmalee shouted.

“Yes. But he didn’t kill them.”

“How do you know?” Mitch said.

“I just know.”

Renee threw open the door and ran outside, her face ashen. Lexie looked to the Pack. They were unsatisfied. The boy didn’t move a muscle. Lexie followed Renee out. “You have no idea what you’re doing, do you?” Lexie asked.

The air was chilly and a puff of cool breath like smoke formed as Lexie spoke. “We know far better than you,” Renee said, fumbling clumsily for a cigarette and finding her
pack empty. She crumpled it in her fist and threw it to the ground.


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