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Allison Gets Bawdy [VIDEO] (NSFW)

Posted on Apr 14, 2011 in Sexuality, Video, Writing | 2 comments

I had a ball performing at Bawdy Storytelling last night in San Francisco.  The premise is simple: 6 story tellers telling true stories that happened to them, in front of a live audience and with no notes.   I was lucky to close out the show after a series of hilarious stories by Reid Mihalko, Monika Thomas, Fleur De Lis, Shar Rednour & Tatyana Brown.  I share a naughty story of my time in Barcelona while negotiating sex and non-monogamy in three languages.

Check out the video below, and while you’ll be safe with headphones, please note the language is very Not Safe For Work. . . .or parents (Hi Mom!)

Allison Moon – Bawdy Storytelling : Dirty Talking & Technology from Allison Moon on Vimeo.Allison Moon performing on stage at Bawdy Storytelling



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  1. Lane

    Haha, amazing! Such a great story for all us hot, happy, crazy non-monogamists. Thanks, Allison!

    PS – If anyone gets a chance to go to her workshop on Girl Sex 101, do it! I attended it at Burning Man and learned many many happy things. ;D

  2. Dixie De La Tour

    PItch Perfect, Allison! Poignant, sexy, graphic and funny as hell…everything a Bawdy Story should be. Thank you for performing (and headlining your very first time on our stage, wow!) and I want you back at Bawdy soon. You were terrific and I bet you have a butt-ton more stories for us.


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