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Good Female Characters

Posted on Mar 14, 2011 in Blog, Feminism, Gender, Literature, Writing | Comments Off on Good Female Characters

Hey folks, my regular blogging schedule is disrupted this week by some family stuff.  Sorry for those who were hoping for an update. I’ll be flying across the country tomorrow night and will likely not be able to update until I get back.

In the meantime, I wanted you guys to see an extraordinary video explaining how to create compelling female characters.  This is specific to videogames, but the lessons are clear and succinct.  Essentially, this is a great primer on Feminism 101 & Gender 101.

Highlights:  * Good female characters neither fully accept nor fully reject the societal gender pressures exerted on them. And they and their relationships to those societal pressures change as their circumstances change.

* There’s as much depth to be found in why a character agrees with or accepts the gender norms of their society as in why they reject them. Because, that’s what real people do.

Via The Escapist


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