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Posts made in March, 2011

We Are All Gender Variant

Posted on Mar 28, 2011 in Blog, Feminism, Gender, LGBTQ, Sexuality | 3 comments

How about a new radical notion? How about we expand what genders are rather than choosing away from one in order to claim another, just as limiting one?

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Good Female Characters

Posted on Mar 14, 2011 in Blog, Feminism, Gender, Literature, Writing | Comments Off on Good Female Characters

There’s as much depth to be found in why a character agrees with or accepts the gender norms of their society as in why they reject them. Because, that’s what real people do.

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I lik 2 rite

Posted on Mar 7, 2011 in Writing | Comments Off on I lik 2 rite

There are lots of people who like to bemoan the e-generation. The most common gripe is how facebook and its ilk are killing actual connection, replacing intimacy with machinery, and ruining the brains of our youth. What crap.

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**Salacious Magazine Call for Submissions**

Posted on Mar 4, 2011 in Feminism, Gender, LGBTQ, Publishing, Sexuality, Writing | Comments Off on **Salacious Magazine Call for Submissions**

The extraordinary kd diamond is seeking a couple more submissions for #2 of her fabulous, sexy, smutty, feminist, queer sex magazine. The theme is VOYEURISM.

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Welcome to the Wild, Wild West of Publishing

Posted on Mar 3, 2011 in Publishing, Writing | Comments Off on Welcome to the Wild, Wild West of Publishing

No one knows what's next. Borders is bankrupt. The Kindle's price is dropping exponentially, easing closer to $0 every day. Authors are taking sides on the self-publishing versus traditional publishing debate. Agents are acting really defensive. Publishers are either closing their doors or developing new strategic plans to survive.

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