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Love Songs

Posted on Feb 14, 2011 in Sexuality, Writing | Comments Off on Love Songs

As promised a while back, here are 10 love songs from my Inner Moonlight playlist.  Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone.  Go tell someone you love them.

Tonight, as I was cleaning up the house, this song came on my iTunes and I felt a deep and longing pain like that related to the loss of a lover.  Then, I realized how much I missed Archer, and I felt a little foolish.  At any rate, The Dears “You and I Are a Gang of Losers” was the oft-repeated love theme for Archer and Lexie, happy lesbian werewolves in love:

A slightly less happy tune, but gorgeous nonetheless:

Fairly self-explanatory. In my movie-version fantasies, GirlyMan covers this:

In my head, I spell it with an “i”:

Some lesbian first love adorable romancy-stuff:

Another sad one:

A happy, sweet song about well-worn relationships:

This one features prominently in the book (until lawyers get involved, that is):

Doesn’t matter what color skin you like, this is one incredibly sexy song:

And #11, a bonus, because I think it may be the sweetest, most romantic video ever made:

Now, as someone noted on Twitter today, it’s Valentine’s Day and the Year of the Rabbit, so you know what to do!


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