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Why You Should Sleep With Feminists. Like, right now.

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Here are twelve reasons why you should have sex with feminists.

1) Feminists are funny.

2) Feminists are sex positive.

3) Feminists know their way around toys.

4) A lot of feminists like porn. Some are even in porn.

5) Feminists aren’t afraid to tell you what they like.

6) Feminists know what they’re talking about.

7) Feminists have sexy friends.

8) Feminists are hella smart.

9) Feminists aren’t afraid of kink.

10) Feminists aren’t shrinking violets.

11) Feminists aren’t afraid to try new things.

12) Feminists care about your pleasure, too.

And while we’re talking about sexy feminists, I want to give a shout out to The Takeback, who I learned about via the always awesome Alas, a blog. The Takeback is a bunch of male feminists who really know where it’s at. I don’t always agree with them, and this is why I love them. Go give them some gender non-conforming love.

Meanwhile, do you have any good reasons to sleep with feminists? Share them in the comments!


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