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And Away We Go!

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Well, dear readers, I enjoyed my time off VERY MUCH. I didn’t open my manuscript to weep at my typos. I didn’t outline Book 2 or even a short story. I didn’t write much of anything, really, except a lot of clever emails and party invitations and text-requests for beer. I am proud of myself.

Putting together my awesome Craigslist score

Meanwhile, I did an admirable, if not superior job with my Pre-Resolutions.

√  Go on a walk EVERY DAY. Decent, but not perfect. I went outside every day, which is almost the same thing as walking.  But I certainly upped my exercise level by going on a couple of runs (!) and walking to get simple things like groceries instead of driving.  I consider this a success.

√ Not develop an ulcer while waiting for my Dream Publisher to read and fall in love with my ms.
I nailed this one.  Lots of people over the holidays asked me about the book, when they could read it, who was publishing it, etc.  I was calm and cool, explaining complicated things like publishing time-lines and the fact that books do not spring fully formed from my brain like Athena from Zeus.  Nevertheless, I was excited, proud, and confident in the book’s ability to live, regardless of how plan A pans out.  I also weathered a lot of unsolicited advice about what Plans A, B & C should look like, appreciating the suggester’s care for me, and pretty much ignoring everything they said.

Χ No booze for 3 weeks. FAIL

√  Wake up by 10am EVERY WEEKDAY I didn’t keep track, but I think I did well on this.  Today, however, not so much.

In addition to all this, LL and I have been building a bedroom (his Christmas present to me) and having a lot of great, intense social time with people I’ve been ignoring during my Year O’ Book Revising, so it’s been a good run all said.

Meanwhile, on January 1st, I opened my Book 2 Work File and set back in.  I had a good start back in November when struck by random inspiration.

I was thrilled to open the file to see a killer first sentence, a natural flow that established the primary conflict for the book, and fun, sexy details that made me REALLY excited to write this next book.  It’s amazing how much I learned from writing the first one.  I’m so sure that Book 2 (which is tentatively titled Hungry Ghost) is going to be lots of fun to write, and likely a bit smoother, too.

Welcome to 2011, Wolfies!


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