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Manuscript?  Check.

Marketing Plan?  Check.

Heavy dose of humility?  Check and double check.

I sent my formal proposal into my dream publisher yesterday, with LL and my parents offering spirit fingers in support.  Then, we went out for a fabulous dinner and one REALLY necessary martini.

For the next month, I will do my best to quiet my mind and remember what it feels like to have free time.

What shall I do with all this surplus energy and time, you ask?

Well, inspired by The Rejectionist’s Pre-Resolution Challenge, I’ll be attempting to succeed at these four things:

#1  Go on a walk EVERY DAY. I’ve never been more out of shape in my life. This must change, if only for my ego’s sake.

#2  Not develop an ulcer while waiting for my Dream Publisher to read and fall in love with my ms.
Okay, so not really a resolution, but it’s a good reminder of non-attachment.  What happens now with them is out of my hands.  I have back-up plans installed and a kick-ass marketing plan regardless, so I shall practice being a hollow reed, and allow myself to be WIP-less author for the next few weeks.

#3  No booze for 3 weeks. Yes, 3 weeks.  That is, until the week of Christmas.  This will, I guarantee, be the hardest part.  I’m a hearty Midwestern girl raised by a tavern-owner’s daughter; beer is my birthright.  But I shall practice Liver Appreciation Month, and allow it to take a breather.

#4  Wake up by 10am EVERY WEEKDAY Ah, the life of a freelancer.  Yes, I’m weak.  I love my sleep and I love my late nights.  Not this month, though.  I am going to practice being a Productive Member of Society and learning what mornings look like.  I am already certain I will be dazzled by my new-found productivity.

I have a weak will, so I’ll consider myself a rousing success at life if I don’t puke from nerves due to #2.


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  1. the rejectionist

    Ummmm, we need to switch careers. “Wake up before 10am” INDEED.


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