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Posted on Nov 4, 2010 in Uncategorized | 3 comments

Now that I’m wrapping up my manuscript (for realsies, this time), I’m setting to work on my marketing plan.  I’ve been using Jeff VanderMeer’s Booklife for ideas and inspiration as I draw up the document.  This book has been the best resource I’ve encountered for managing the day-to-day of being a writer while offering a refreshingly modern and tech-savvy approach to promotion and marketing.  If any of you are considering a life as a writer, this is THE book I recommend.  Cory Doctorow at BoingBoing has shared a lot of radness with me over the years, but VanderMeer was the puppy-for-Christmas out of all the rest of the goodies.

So, I’m concocting my marketing plan.  I know it will entail: this blog (duh), plenty of ceLEZbrities that I have connections to, plenty of gay rags that I’ve worked with in the past, facebook ads, website banners, and the rest of the usual suspects.

I also know that I’ll make a book trailer.  If you haven’t encountered any book trailers on the web, do yourself a favor and look some up.  Many of them are insanely creative and fun to watch, notably this hilarious one for Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter and this one for Kathe Koja’s new release Under the Poppy:

I’ve always had a fetish for shadow puppets.  Beyond that, though, this trailer is a success for me in that it is evokative of the style and setting of the book, while making terrific use of actors, music, and a presumably small budget.

Meanwhile, this trailer has gotten mad attention because of its remarkable animation and likely much larger budget:

While it’s sexy as hell, this trailer isn’t as successful for me for a lousy reason: the voice actor’s accent is really difficult for me to decypher.  Obviously, this likely isn’t an issue for the book’s primary audience of Kiwis, but as an American, I really had a hard time understanding the narration, which didn’t exactly enamor me to the book itself.

I very much intend to do a trailer, and LL has a good idea for a non-traditional one, where I have thoughts on a more mainstream, yet sexy, version.

Beyond trailers, however, I’m wracking my brain trying to come up with some other unique marketing ideas.  No doubt there are plenty of ways for me to leverage lesbian werewolves, and I want to suss out some winners.

I look to you, my network o’ geniuses.  Has there been any particularly compelling marketing campaign you’ve encountered recently?  Has a certain flash-mob made your heart squeal or did a blog run a contest that you found irresistible?  I’d love for you to share your wisdom with me, so I can try and create an air-tight marketing campaign.  Let me know in the comments section anything that you find really fun, unique, memorable, weird, or sticky.



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  1. Caryn

    I’m happy to give you 20 free min on the phone to talk about online marketing. 🙂

  2. TheCagedGinger

    You don’t have to market or try to sell me Lunatic Fringe because you can already count me as sold. I can’t wait because I know its going to be a fantastic read.

  3. Allison

    Oh Ginger, you do know how to flatter a girl. (blushes)

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