Sex. Feminism. Lesbian Werewolves.

Inner Moonlight

Posted on Oct 27, 2010 in News, Writing | Comments Off on Inner Moonlight

Lexie Clarion is so excited to attend college, even the school’s ever-present werewolf menace isn’t going to get her down.  When she meets Blythe, the charming and brainy leader of a group of radical lesbian separatists who call themselves the Pack, Lexie is intimidated but thrilled. The Pack pulls Lexie into their inner-circle, where she discovers that they have their own methods for dealing with the werewolf situation.  Lexie is so enamored by their radical politics, playful dynamic, and general bad-assery, she’s certain she wants to join their ranks.  She’s certain, that is, until an accident brings a mysterious stranger into her life.  Archer, a rugged, otherworldly beauty, steals Lexie’s heart with a glance.  Later, as they make love beneath the full moon, Lexie discovers both herself and her new lover transformed into werewolves.

Lexie struggles to keep her new double-life a secret as she falls deeper in love with Archer, while the Pack fiercely courts her allegiance for a reason only Blythe understands: Lexie, plagued with nightmares and visions, has the rare gift of sight, which allows her to see werewolves while they hide in human form.  This gift is the weapon the Pack needs to win the war against the wolves.  Blythe will go to disturbing lengths to win Lexie’s favor, but she underestimates Archer’s love.

As Archer and Blythe battle for Lexie’s allegiance, the rising full moon illuminates everyone’s own clandestine histories and ignoble motives.


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