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Eviscerate Your Darlings

Posted on Sep 20, 2010 in Publishing, Writing | Comments Off on Eviscerate Your Darlings

I spoke earlier about Murdering Your Darlings. Well, easier said than done.

I’ve found I’m pretty ruthless at cutting out clever turns of phrase.

However, I’ve run into some major darlings that need themselves a good murderin’.
I should have realized at the time, but I made a very silly mistake of switching POV deep into the book.

Everyone, including me, loves my love interest, Archer. Early on in my writing, I found myself pondering her interiority and wrote two really lovely scenes from her POV. In fact, they aren’t just lovely scenes, they are MY FAVORITE SCENES. Yep, out of 90000 words, the words that are from Archer’s POV are my favorites.

I have one of two options- rewrite the whole book with multiple POVs (i.e. switch from 3rd person limited to 3rd person omniscient), or delete the fuckers.
I could, conceivably, have Archer share the information in her head with Lexie at some point, which would solve the problem, but only for one chapter, since the second chapter is most expressly an intimate moment that Archer shares with herself.

How will I fix this? Well, option 1 is a really dreadful one. I think I’m going to have to sharpen my hatchet, cuz i got me some murderin’ to do.


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