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Lez Get Married

Posted on Aug 16, 2010 in Feminism, LGBTQ, Sexuality | Comments Off on Lez Get Married

Okay, so here’s the deal. Every queerdo with a blog has been sharing their opinion in the last couple of weeks since the Prop 8 ruling came out.

I abstained for a couple of reasons- mostly because every one of my opinions on the matter has been better articulated by said bloggers.

But people have asked, so here’s my 2 cents.

Marriage is an antiquated ritual based on the exchange of property. The government shouldn’t have anything to do with that word and what it means to people, because I guarantee every single person in America has a different idea of what marriage is and who should get to define it.

The government, being a supposedly secular institution, should not issue marriage licenses at all. The government is in the business of civil regulation. Therefore, civil unions or domestic partnerships should be the only thing they determine. A gay couple wanting to own property and raise children together? Civil union. Two sisters wanting to share health insurance? Civil union. Multiple adults sharing expenses and ownership of land? Civil union. We’re talking regulation and taxation here, folks, not love and god.

Let every church or non-denominational institution define what their marriage is (remember when interracial marriage was illegal?  How about interdenominational?).  That way, all the fundies won’t get their magical panties in a bunch when people want it.  Let them not pay taxes AND discriminate on their own.  I don’t give a crap.

I think everyone has the right to take public and fiscal responsibility for their beloved.

Prop 8 Rally - LA

Me at a No on 8 Rally in '08

That’s what civil unions are for.  So, wanna file a joint tax return? Civil union.  Wanna visit your partner in the hospital?  Civil union.  Straight or gay or something else- we all get civil unions.

Meanwhile, the Equality California and HRC type folks are raising a crapton of money to make sure marriage is legal for all Californians.  I’m cool with it. It’s a good fight.  However, when you can still get fired in most states for being gay, or when you can get dishonorably discharged for being gay, or you can get sent to an institution for being gay, we have other things to fight for, people.

There you go.  My philosophy on the (deeply unfair, out of state Mormon financed, cruel-hearted and bigoted) Prop 8.   Mazel tov!


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