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Two Tools

Posted on Mar 15, 2010 in Writing | Comments Off on Two Tools

Just a quick mid-week shout-out to two tools I use almost daily. (Writing tools, sickos)

Time Tracker – I just discovered this free little nibblit. Having started life as a freelancer about 9 months ago, I’m still learning how to bill hours of time and balance my projects. Time Tracker, with its completely stripped down functionality, is a great, simple tool for me. It acts as a stop watch, able to track time spent on multiple tasks. I’ve added my book to the list, because it’s a job, too, after all.


Dr. Wicked’s Write or Die – Invaluable. Dr. Wicked is getting a place in the acknowledgment section when this damn thing goes to print. It doesn’t need an explanation. Just visit it, play with it, and see your book move.
Dr. Wicked has also created a downloadable app, which I have yet to try. I am willing to guarantee, though, that’s it’s worth the $10.


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