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Rising Tension

Posted on Mar 17, 2010 in Writing | Comments Off on Rising Tension

I’ve hit my first snag in a few days. I’m gearing up for the climax but it keeps getting farther away. Everything is dragging so damn slowly.  The dialogue is paragraphs instead of sentences, and the sense of urgency is dissipating to an itchy discomfort.  Honestly, I can see my ensemble standing around, shifting their balance, growing impatient with me. My protagonist is in tears, her lover is comforting her, and the antagonist is antagonizing and they just. won’t. stop.

I know precisely why this is happening- I’ve recently gotten familiar with my antagonist’s voice.  Now, she won’t shut up.  She’s a loquacious sort anyway, so that doesn’t help matters.  She’s speaking in grand soliloquies, espousing her complete belief systems and revealing her villainy as if she were in a Shakespearean play.  I’m really happy that I’m getting a handle on her, but that doesn’t mean all this characterization belongs in the book.  Nevertheless, I feel that it’s important for me to listen to her for now, to get a solid grasp on what she’s after so the story can benefit from it.

Tonight, I’m trying to get her to spill it all as quickly as possible so we can get to the climax, which is the whole point.

Word Count: 100752.   It’s gonna keep getting longer until it starts getting shorter.


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