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Eyes Crossed

Posted on Mar 24, 2010 in Writing | Comments Off on Eyes Crossed

I have a number of hobbies that I use to kill time.  Crossword puzzles are a favorite of mine.  I do the puzzle on USAToday and LATimes every day online.  I can complete each in about 20 minutes or so, and while they are great diversions, or fun ways to warm up before writing, they also tend to give me a great deal of guilt when the mood is off.

Lately, because my writing has been crawling to the finish line, I’ve felt terribly guilty when doing a puzzle.  Why spend 20 minutes completing a crossword puzzle, when it will take me an hour to eke out 4 lines of my book?

Well for the past week or so I’ve been noticing something about certain clues I’ve come across.

In today’s puzzle?  4 letter word for Kind of Wolf  (Lone)
Yesterdays?  6 letters for Shooter with a Quiver (Archer- the name of my protagonist’s love interest)
The day before?  another 4 letters for a kind of wolf (Were)
And before?  An alpha may run in one  (Pack)
and in the same puzzle?  Moons and glasses may be this (Full)

Many believe that there are no coincidences, while I take the contrarian position- everything is a coincidence.  Everything is potentially a coincidence for everything else, depending your context.  And since we get to create our contexts, I’ve decided to create my own meaning for this.
What I’m taking this to mean is, from now on, when I’m wasting time at a cross-word puzzle and come across a clue that reminds me of my book, I am going to stop the puzzle and move to finishing the novel.  Since crosswords are fun in small doses, they can still be fun in even smaller ones.  My book, meanwhile, deserves my undistracted attention.


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