Sex. Feminism. Lesbian Werewolves.


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Why hello there.   Welcome to Tales of the Pack, a blog recording the process of the writing, publishing, and marketing  my novel, tentatively titled The Pack.

This is a repository of insights, mistakes and observations of making this book happen.

I began writing the book in December of 2008.  I finished the first draft in October of 2009.  My goal is to be done with the second draft by the day before tax day this year.   So far, so good.  I’d like to spend the summer revising further and working on my marketing plan.
I intend to have a launch party to celebrate the publication of my book by my birthday in October.

Will that happen?  I don’t know.  (This is my first time doing this, remember?)   I’m busy, you’re busy- life demands a lot from most everyone.  But these are my benchmarks.   I hope I can offer you some insights into writing your own novel, or marketing your own product in a new, perhaps unique way.

My publication schedule will begin in earnest in late March, when I will update weekly- on Fridays.  Eventually, I’d like to update twice per week, but I’m writing a book, so I need to focus my time on that first.

So, who am I then?

My name is Allison and I am a first-time novelist who is as interested in the process of writing a novel as the end product of it.  I also have some pretty strong opinions about a lot of things, most particularly gender, sexuality, and how these shape our identity and society.  My book certainly plays with these themes, and I will undoubtedly explore them through this blog, too.

I welcome your comments, questions and insights as I go forward.  I’ll be creating a newsletter eventually, so watch for a sign up for that, and I’m eager at playing with vlogs and other such toys.

See you again soon!


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